Wild Apothecary Woman....what?

"Too bad you can’t use all those flowers and herbs to make money."  My boyfriend said.  I paid it no mind as I arranged some beautiful flowers in a vase for the kitchen table.  But after a few weeks of buying flowers, I saw he had a point. (Yes, it’s gritty to admit that) Shit, what am I gonna do with a ton of roses? I already had dried flowers EVERYWHERE in our house- grrrrr.  Not to mention all the dried herbs I had as well.  Why do I compulsively buy every fresh herb and flower I see like some drug addict? (Insert deep eye roll) ok, so the herbs I actually use while I cook, but all these flowers...?  One night in bed I told my boyfriend " the roses I bought today would make a pretty eyeshadow color" and he looked at me serious as hell and said "then make eyeshadow out of them"  Fast forward a little bit and I was making flower and herb infused face scrubs, and yes, even plant based eyeshadows. In a nutshell that’s how Wild Apothecary Woman came into being.

…..But, let’s talk about what WAW is becoming, because that’s way more important.  Yes, it’s an herbal apothecary with a bed and bath flair (because who doesn’t like bath bombs or awesome smelling shampoos???) but it’s also a metaphysical formulary (because sometimes you have an ex you need to hex lol), most importantly our handmade collections feature the creative genius of other women.

Katelyn’s Kreations ran by Katelyn Sanford features totally badass Zen jewelry and keychains and she is the most “Namaste” person I know.  She’s an avid animal lover, who will shank a bitch over her dog all while chanting something seriously meditative, yes, she’s that chill.

Then there’s Red Zen Art- ran by Kristie Golden AKA Kidde Redd, let me tell you, this woman has been through hell and back and she has some pretty cool robot parts to show for it.  On a scale of 1-10, she’s a serious badass, so are her resin wands and other goodies (I have a ton of her stuff decorating my house, no shame).

There’s Free Spirit Designs, ran by Cierra Kohler, who is like the coolest person ever.  She’s super down to earth and makes the most beautiful bohemian style dreamcatchers and witch bells ever. And she also recently introduced me to herbal teas that taste like sangria- how can that be a bad thing??? It’s not!!

 Let’s not forget Tonya Craven- who runs Hippie Haven Handcraft. She’s an old soul hippie and it radiates off of her, she makes me wanna buy a van, paint it funky colors and braid flowers in my hair. She makes the prettiest witch balls I’ve ever seen (yes, I own one…no shame) and her fairy gardens are to die for. 

And Lori Reynolds, one of my dearest friends in the entire world (seriously, she got me thru the sudden death of my mother- I will shank you over her) she runs Dragon Lady Designs – and if it involves crystals and cool crafty stuff…she’s the go to expert.  Her horseshoe crystal dreamcatcher/wind chime, yep, it’s in my bedroom.

So, now that you know who all works at WAW and what everybody contributes to the store- let’s talk women’s empowerment. Most of my female friends are super crafty, but we all live in a very rural area of North Carolina…which means people love our stuff, but they aint gonna spend money on it.  Bleh soooooo, I already had my own storefront (thank you shopify) so, why not invite them to join in? But let’s take it a step further…these women are my tribe, my family, my sisters…I will shank you over them.  Heather, Katy, Lori, Andrea, Rachael, Patsi, Kristi, Kidde Redd, Catherine, Georgette AKA Giggles, Lindsey, Brittany, Karla, Wendy ( my biggest supporter, yall have no idea), Jamie Rae, Blanco (she was at one point my mortal enemy, and she terrified me because she will cut you) , Tonya, Cierra…I love these women.  Some I’ve known a longggg time, others I have met through tragedy, some I thought I would never ever be friends with, some I’ve worked with, some have seen me at my absolute worst, others at my absolute best.  If not for these women, I would not be the woman I am today, I owe all of them a debt of gratitude. I have in some shape form or fashion, bared my soul to them, and not a one of them has made me regret it…thank you ladies

Find your tribe, hell, build your tribe, love them, support them, help them grow, be their rock, their sounding board…and they will be the same to you.  

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